Short Food Supply Chains: Building an EU learning ecosystem through multi-level collaborations for sustainable, robust and regenerative food systems


Date & Time:

4 July 2023

14:00 - 17:30

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Short food supply chains (SFSC) are a means for both producers and consumers to gain better positions in the value chain, improving trust, transparency, food quality and safety. The EU-funded EU4Advice project and twin project COREnet aim to bolster SFSC-related advisory services to chain actors, to help them make their practices more economically, socially and environmentally sustainable. To that end, it will connect SFSC advisors from the 27 Member States in a common network, integrate SFSC-related advisory services, tools and content into national agricultural knowledge and innovation systems (AKIS), and improve AKIS governance. EU4Advice will also create spaces to test innovative methodologies, content and novel governance models on the field through a network of four Living Labs, collaborating and involving various actors including advisors, researchers, policy-makers, farmers and consumers.

Developed during the SMARTCHAIN EU project, the GAIN Transition Model (developed by AMPED) is now the backbone of the follow-up project EU4Advice, and will help to make this multi-level networks happen.

The aim of this symposium is to offer the participants a deep dive within the strategies and actions taken to accelerate Short Food Supply Chains on a regional, interregional, and European level, focusing on the importance of qualified advice as a catalyser

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Lucie Jeandrain (

Antonio Román (

Mark Frederiks (

Patricia Mora (

Fedele Colantuono (


  • Smartchain: Insights on regional food system and lessons learned.
  • EU Horizon Calls for SFSCs: EU4Advice & COREnet
  • Strategic, tactical and practical advisory networks to build robust, regional, and regenerative food systems through the GAIN Model Transition 
  • EU4Advice & COREnet Results: Mapping of EU SFSC Advisors
  • Interaction with participants: challenges that they faced when introducing SFSCs into their own region
  • Master Living Lab in the Metropol Region of Amsterdam: Challenges and Opportunities in Activating SFSC Advisors within national and regional AKIS
  • Practical case: Roll Out Process in the Metropol Region of Amsterdam  
  • Q&A and closing of the session

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